Occasionally sync can be p


Occasionally sync can be problematic. There’s no literal “magic” formula that works on first try, every try, but with some degree of practice and familiarity with your audio editing software you can really get close on first try, then bump forward or back a few clicks until things sync up.

Being an accomplished lip reader does give me an edge on this, just has having been a touch typist since I was in junior high (I’m 60 now, do the math πŸ™‚ has always given me an edge in typing. That’s probably why all my stuff is longer and occasionally more definitive than others who hate to read, or write, or type. I was the only one also that did not groan out loud in class when a professor would as for a 500-word essay or whatever. If anything, maybe I DID groan but it was because I wasn’t sure HOW I was going to keep the assignment UNDER 500 words.

Sorry for the sidetrack there…

…anyway the amount of “extra” work depends on how much you have to labor in post because all you had was your “synced” camera audio, but there were problems with sound, depth, etc. or simply lining up the GREAT audio from your backup source, syncing it once, maybe a few more if you have to break up sequences in the video, but essentially dealing with nice, clean, clear audio.

Another thing that is great, in addition to the quality of that digitally acquired audio is being able to “normalize” the levels between proper audio levels due to proximity, and some lower stuff picked up from farther away, making the levels sweeten up really nice.

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