oc6088, I think what you’r


oc6088, I think what you’re seeing is the creator of the video putting a graphic, link, word, etc., in his video and then uploading it to Youtube, and then using Youtube’s interface that PJ McConnell describes to make the graphic, link, or word function like a hyperlink within Youtube.

If you look at the end of freddiew’s or mysterguitarman’s videos, for example, you’ll always see this done. usually it’s a link to their own stuff on youtube. if you watched the video before it was uploaded (i.e., on their personal computers) you’d still see the links at the end but they wouldn’t function as a hyperlink. That’s added after the video is uploaded.

if this isn’t what you’re referring to, can you post alink to an example? maybe there’s some new thing I’m missing–I’d love to stay on top of it!

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