Observations and opinions.


Observations and opinions.Do with it as you will…

I am but a fledgling videographerand my naivety of such things leaves me with something af a disturbing view of this profession andthe willingness of a few to dishonor fellow artists by trying to justify ignoring one of the fewlaws that protect our work. This naivety also does not understand how ones so willing to ignore the rights of another, be able to call themselves a professionalwhile lookingsomeone straight in the eye.

As I read these posts about copyrights, I hear othersinternal voices trying to justify their actionswith quotes such as, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” or “it’s only illegal if your get caught”. I have been guilty of using othersmaterial without permission in my earlyworkas I start out, but as Ilearn and pay attention tothose legalities andrights, I have also chosen not to repeat those actions in any future endeavor. I do shiver at what might be the perceptions ofthose just coming into this form of artistic expression as they read these posts.

I choose the moral high ground so that I may sleep comfortably and not have to look over my shoulder. I respect people like EarlC, Birdcat, Composite1and Coreecewho are not afraid to share their talents and skills with others.They have shownthe maturity to givetheir opinion and not argue another’s.

We can legally use the works of another in our projects if we follow the protocols that are laid out to us and get the appropriate permissions. And like any other piece of equipment we look for to do our jobs, if it is too expensive, we do without andmanage a work-aroundor find a way to raise the money needed.

The one fear I haveabout all this… where complacency of such lawsdilutethem to such a state that it is almost impossible to be protected by themnow and in the future. I hope I do not see the seeds of that here. I also know that the big companies will not go down without a fight.I still rememberwhat happened to Napster, their act alikes and their patrons,just a few short years ago.

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