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The point of what the others are describing to you is the skills acquired using the equipment you choose will be where your ‘professional look’ will come from. I’ve used consumer grade cameras for professional projects and only an expert could tell I didn’t use a high-end camera. I am able to do that because I have mastered the basic of shooting. Focus, exposure, composition, framing and camera movements are the basic skills any shooter must acquire to create good looking images suitable for editing. Your camera is merely a tool and all of the filmmakers whose films you’ve watched from your couch have mastered these skills… no exceptions.

Save your money and get something cheap that will allow you to inexpensively learn how all of this stuff works without a great deal of hassle. You say you want HD, why? Are you planning to sell your videos to the Discovery Channel? If not, Standard Def DV is just fine. You can learn to shoot, edit and then post your videos on the ‘Tube, Vimeo and other sites. HD is just a selling point. If you aren’t using it professionally, you don’t really need it. HD TV’s can play DV footage with no prob. Just shoot your videos in wide format and the TV will do the rest. If it looks like crap, that’s more than likely you haven’t mastered those skills I mentioned.

On top of shooting, there’s editing and that’s a whole other monster to deal with. Even with editing, the same rules apply, when you’re learning keep it simple and keep it cheap. Nobody’s going to sweat you because you don’t have a ‘pro look’ when you’re learning. You get a professional look when you’ve gained professional skills. No exceptions.

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