“O” here’s a link “Setting


“O” here’s a link “Setting Up for a Video StoryTellers! Shoot” that will show you some shots of the wireless in action, but not with the H2 in obvious use. I will work on something soon as I can reflecting the H2 visibly, along with the Sony wireless. All of my funeral productions, where the viewer sees the POV of the podium, show one of my H2 units hiding in plain sight, taped to the side of the podium. In this case the proximity of the unit to the speaker is key to getting some really sweet clean audio of the speakers’ narrative. It has also proven effective in picking up a better level of audio from live music or soloists as far away as 10 feet. i occasionally use both directional/angle spreads on the H2, depending on the circumstances. I will also look and see if I have a decent podium shot I can freeze to show just how close I place my H2 there … probably 12″ from the elbow, or to the right side of the speaker, angled toward the speaker position, and maybe 24″ or so from the mouth, depending on the height of the person speaking.

Bye the way, the narrative on the above video was done using an H2 with the mic stand adapter attached and carefully handheld, me, the typed script and H2 all covered in a light blanket, then the audio taken into Soundtrack Pro (I’m Mac based) to clean it up a bit. FYI

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