NTSC or PAL have nothing t


NTSC or PAL have nothing to do with Square or round Pixals. They tell you how many lines are drawn on screen. Since most computer content is deinterlance or done in progressive They only thing then that matters is the letter BOX size and Frames persecond PAL is 25 NTSC is 30: HD PAL is 50 or 25: HD NTSC is 60 or 30, what standard is it 720x480NTSC or 720x576PAL the I or P after the letter box size will tell you if its Interlace or Proggressive. EXpample 60I , 30p, 30I, or 480i ,720p,1080p:NTSC always plays back at 29.97fps no matter what even if you shoot and encoded it at 24fps , NTSC always plays back at 29.97FPS

And if you use a proffesional thrid party encoder you can change the pixals any ways from round to square.

Your using Apples version of H.264 wich its extension is .MP4 , I just look on the MAC across the hall.

The Mpeg2 version is .H.264

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