“Now many of the big boys


“Now many of the big boys and botique shops are competing, using PC and MAC based systems and software.”

Earl hit it on the head with that one. No doubt FCP is considered an industry standard tool, but so is Avid. In the AlphaDog’s video the featured editors reiterate that. For further proof of the FCP/Avid – Mac/PC workflow, check out a copy of the ‘Iron Man’ DVD+ version’s Special Features Disk. You will see first hand how on location, to the Visual FX boutiques and in the editing suites of Industrial Light and Magic that there ‘is no PC vs. Mac’ debate. The big boys use the tools that get the job done … period.

“I thought that while people are always asking this question in all kinds of fourms they should see what the big guys are saying.”

“I think most people are smart enough to filter and sort out what they do and don’t really need. I know I am hungry for more.”

Daryl, Norman,

I sit corrected. It’s tough to gauge the average experience-technical level sometimes in the forums. We seem to get way more, ‘What is a camera?’ level questions than, ‘What format of HD video is best suited for transfer to 35mm film intended for theatrical release?’ With that in mind, to avoid hijacking this thread I’ll start another titled ‘Advanced Info’.

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