Notwithstanding the print


Notwithstanding the print resolution of my stills, I always scan stills at 150-to-300 dpi, primarily because one or more of them WILL get printed as I use them for insert sheets and DVD/CD cover art. My other purpose for scanning at print resolution is to provide me with enough image information that I can zoom in on many of the images, starting from a full-frame or partially cropped area, getting close to and isolating a specific point of interest, or person in a group. Not too swift, trying to do that with a 72 dpi image. I used to setup my NTSC SD framing in Photoshop but now have a program that handles that for me so I don’t have to worry about computer & print square pixels vs TV rectangular pixels. Just some more stuff to think about in working with stills in a video project, or photo montages.

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