nothing to apologize for P


nothing to apologize for Paulears. There are downsides to everything.
the most “temperamental” camera I own in terms of poor low light and performance and color balancing is the old go-pro, my hdr-hc1 also not caring for low light… but my sr12 and Pentax d-slr both shoot well in low light…
so I have lighting units some with serious power…. but the cheap stuff gets used right along with it and sometimes instead of it… I like to think it is cheap insurance, if my studio lighting is broken or lost, I can hit a hardware store with $100.00 and come back ready shoot in under an hour.. it is about knowing what you can do with what’s available.

in terms of lighting..
I”m an available light shooter.
meaning I use any light available.

I’ll use anything and everything from elinchrom studio lighting, to halogen work lamps, to flashlights, even glowsticks and fireworks…lol if it makes light and I think it will work, it gets used.

here’s one lit partially with a sparkler… lol!

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