>>Note that final cu


>>Note that final cut studio can be installed on a G4 or G5, but there are some features of DVD Studio Pro that require a G5.

Futhermore, 3D programs like Maya would also require a G5, but programs like cinema4D and the open source program blender will work on a G4. <<

Can you even buy a G5 now? I thought Apple had gone over entirely to the Intel chips.

On a side note, professional 3D programs like Maya (The only one of the top three you can get on a MAC) also work better on a multi-processor system. Thats why it took so long to get pro 3d on the Mac platform.

>>upgrading is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Buy the macbook or macbook pro, and up the ram, add external firewire raid.<<

The problem with that logic: what happens next year when you want to use a better video or sound card? Desktops, in addition to being far more powerful are also in general far more extensible than laptops. The one advantage that a PC has over a MAC (aside from the greater number of programs available) is since they are made with off the shelf parts they are pretty modular and much easier to update in pieces. So instead of buying a new computer every two or three years (which is the Apple logic) you can buy and update piece by piece as required. Of course that operates under the assumption that you get pieces that work together. Though, if you are going to use FCP then you would have to get a MAC.

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