Not to mention that the ca


Not to mention that the cameras being used are priced in the upper stratosphere, costing sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars and using lenses that are vastly superior to ANYTHING in the consumer or so-called prosumer arena.

In addition, as has been mentioned, there’s professional lighting, and often LOTS of it, highly controlled and manipulated during each and every shoot and setup. There’s often blue, and green screen components, with graphics added in post by highly skilled and extremely effective and creative folks, also using dedicated and highly refined software to generate realistic backgrounds.

There’s color adjustments, and other enhancement that come into play…

…and the list goes on. In truth, nothing beyond use of the tools above and even more than I haven’t begun to mention, will get you the levels of production quality you see on the big screen with commercial entertainment releases.

That being said…

…people like Soderberg (SP?) and others who know all the rules well enough to break them, and who enjoy experimenting with basic digital tools, handhelds, etc. People who like, prefer and apply the use of natural lighting because it is the effect and/or end result they want, who have the money to do what they want to, and pay others to do what they want them to do “outside the box and who go beyond the traditional standards established and accepted by Hollywood, etc., have often produced compelling stories using the capabilities (or lack thereof) of standard off-the-shelf camcorders, hand-helds and palmcorders ranging from the Canon XL series and even GLs, as well as Panasonic HVX200s, JVCs, Sonys, Hitachi and others that were (so THEY say) never intended for high end commercial production use.

Know the rules. Know the limits of the tools you intend to use. Have a compelling story and script and shoot it well, and you can generate a commercially viable production. I even saw evidence of someone somewhere who actually produced an entire movie production, and got some positive reactions to it from some of the big boys in commercial production, using ONLY a phone camera.

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