not that it matters, but f


not that it matters, but for fun I should elaborate my exaggerations (?):

i was discreet ( I had to be as I mentioned that the Preist did not want me anywere visible or in front of the church at ALL). All I meant was, I was hidden on my knees (sliding) and running around (not running) just constantly on the move in the background and from the balcony of the church to the front for a sec. back to the balcony and then outside before the crowd, etc. Wiggling: trying to get every perfect angle even if I had to bend backwards and hold for a few. My muscles were gone after that.

I found the best shots to be the ones of grandparents talking to eachother and laughing when they did not know anyone with a camera and a strong zoom was across the room zeroed in on them. The best shots are candid. I did not do the typical, "a few words for the bride and groom?" as that was too cliche for me and I really don’t think I’d want that typical response in the video. I’d rather save room for the action and important things. But that is just me.

And the vows: you could hear the preacher over his mic, but the couple’s responses were sorta muffled. You could hear them but it was super low (I know now, NOT GOOD). But you could make out what they were saying as well as the "I do" because you could here the voice and everyone knows what they were saying. But I definitely appreciate the comments, because that is the only thing that I REALLY have to better prepare for and get the equipment for.

To my amazement, the groom was standing there waiting for his bride’s entry in the church, so we were zoomed in on his face, and guess what-no smile. His face didn’t even light up. SO, we superimposed (?) edited that clip with him in the same position but smiling at something the groomsmen said minutes before. In case she complains about the vows (this was about a year ago with none yet) I could spill the beans and mention that at least we made him look happy she was there. HA HA. Well, they are personal friends, but I wouldn’t really do that!

So yeah, Iriver and Lavs next time. Wish I could post on the net so I could get some critiques and compliments! I really have no idea how the final product came out so darn good. – – – – – – – – – Beginners Luck!

Hope this helps some of you out! X-D

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