Not that I’d make anything


Not that I’d make anything better (though I would’ve slowed down a bit more on the slo-mo shots), but since you asked I assume you want brutal honesty, so here goes:

I personally wouldn’t have that as a company vid as I don’t think the average Youtube viewer would be willing to watch past the first 10 seconds of it before your company info and message (what you offer) is made apparent to them. Hardcore hiphop fans might be offended too, idk…might be too much cheese and crackers for them, if ya know what I mean lol ;-p

Considering the average Youtube viewer probably has about the same attention span of a mayfly, much like the average TV viewer these days according to industry research I read some yrs ago, I’d put your actual message+website sooner in the video, possibly as a watermark at bottom from the very beginning .

That way if you decide to keep the video as-is, the emotional response those first 10-20 seconds (or however long they’ll be willing to watch it for) gives the viewer, whether good or bad, will be made use of because it will stick in their mind (because there will be something to be stuck there associated with the video, rather than just a short piece of video pointlessly stuck in their head they’re trying to forget about…IF they were to find it as such). And since getting your name/website/message to stick in their mind is your goal anyway, either way you win! πŸ™‚

Hope that wasn’t TOO brutal for ya πŸ˜‰

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