Not sure if this will help


Not sure if this will help or not but my next camera choice will be a Cannon gl1 or gl2. I have seen both for anywhere from $700 to $2000 depending on where you shop and what packages you want with it. Different packages offer more or less stuff depending on what you end up with.

Although I have yet to use a GL2 its younger bother I know is a real work horse for low end filmmakers like us. You can use them for anything from Action to Weddings and get good results. It stands to reason a newer version would be as good if not better.

For mics I suggest one of tow options for starting out. The first is a good boom or shotgun mic. If you work alone then the mic on the camera will work for shots where you need to hold the camera but for interview type stuff I’d use a tripod and have the shotgun mic on a boom(these can be homemade really easily) or use a hand held mic. This can be corded or wireless. Add color filters for lighting adjustments in color and there you are. A quick and dirty film set up that will work for alot of things.

Everyone has their own way of doing things and I am sure you could ask 10 people on here and they would all agree on very little. No one way is better or worse normally depending on the money you want to throw at it. The more money the better the set up. But to start with a good camera and mic will do ya.

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