Not sure how it works in the


Not sure how it works in the US, but here in the UK – freelance, is an oft bandied about term, but from the Government's viewpoint, we are simply self-employed, status wise – so we can be self-employed, AND the owner of a video (or any other) business. So I can't see much of a difference really. When I work for myself, what I do is up to me – I can go and do things for other people, or other people can come to me to have things done – I can use other freelance people, rather than officially employing them – it's my choice. We have rules that determine employment status. Some people are NOT freelance/self-employed at all, they're really employees of somebody using the system to save them having to pay taxes, or providing sickness benefits, holidays and that stuff. In fact, here there are three types of legitimate business categories. Self-employed as a sole trader or in a partnership, or an employee of a Limited Liability Company. That is it. No other possibilities. I like the freedom having a sole-trader status provides. I choose when and where I wish to work, and I invoice my clients, who eventually pay. I do video production as one bit of the 'whole' business. I charge for the end product. On the other hand, I'm often doing camerawork for other people – turning up to events,being allocated a camera and position, and working to the director's instructions. Again, I invoice for the whole thing. Hence why I'm confused about the topic title – freelance or owning a business? To me – I'm both? Is it different in the US?

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