Not really an “inexpensive


Not really an “inexpensive way” to do it.

I would think there’s some way to query the Videomaker people, or search the archives here, ask an administrator, etc. to see if such an article has been presented. I know Videomaker over the years has developed material on how to develop paid access/public access production; generating restaurant reviews and making money doing it; the legality or not and possible use of non-released copyright materials, etc. They are bound to have some resource regarding trademarks and business names, etc.

The info IS vast, and again it bears repeating that probably the only way to come close to something that will legally hold water regarding a trademark establishment or infringement once you are successful in obtaining one, is going to be that copyright attorney and spending the money for a search, and proper filling out of the forms necessary to hopefully receive a trademark designation from Uncle Sam.

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