Not much but that aint the

AvatarGrinner Hester

Not much but that aint the point. Of course they are trying to save a buck, hence the hiring of a student instead of outsourcing freelancers. Look at it as learnign more there on the clock than ya did in school and ya won’t feel exploited. You can ask for 30k a year but don’t turn down whatever is offered. You’ll get decent raises or move onward and upward as a result.
I can tell ya my first job at a tv station paid a whoppin’ $3.35/hour. My first salary positin paid less than that because I started at 18k a year and worked 80 hour weeks. Give yourself a 10k raise every two years by moving onward and upward. You’ll move to various markets, hone skills and enjoy the ride. I moved my family to five states in as many years at one point, just salary-climbing and dream-chasing. My wife has never had to work and ends have always been met. You can work yourself into a a fine six-figure salary and then self-employ/self-empower yourself should yuo want more but dues will have to be paid first. If ya don’t take this gig at an entry-level pay scale, somebody else will.

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