Not if you plan to use reg


Not if you plan to use regular DVD-R or DVD+R media to burn your DVD. DVD Copy protection techniques are usually implemented by commercial replication houses. In order to implement them, you have to bring them your master on either DLT Tape, or ‘Authoring DVD Media. ‘Authoring DVD media is very different from the commercial general purpose DVD-R or DVD+R media. You need a special burner that costs a lot more than the standard computer DVD burners to use this type of blank DVD platter.

Digital copy protection is implemented using an encrypting method called Content Scrambling System (CSS). This scrambles the audio/video data on a DVD-Video disc, making it impossible to make digital copies. You have to purchase a license to use CSS, so this only makes sense if you are producing large amounts of DVDs.

Analog Copy protection (ACP) also exists that completely distorts or prevents copying by VCRs, stand-alone DVD recorders and personal video recorders. However, this also requires you to purchase a license to use this technology. Again, it only pays if you plan to produce large amounts of DVDs.

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