Not going over 500 is a brick


Not going over 500 is a brick wall. But that doesn't mean you can't capture something you really enjoy with a POV cam like a Gopro. As far as software, the new version of Da Vinci Resolve lite has enough editing power and certainly enough color grading power to handle what ever you need and its FREE. Out side of that you will have the GoPro studio and the two together will be more than what you need.


I used to design broadheads for a living and lived in AK most of my life so I know what you are getting into, I've bowhunted all over AK. I couldn't recommend anything under 500 that will take the possible abuse of the hunt there and come back in a usable condition outside of the POV cam's. Plus you can easily find a way to get a second GoPro to add to the mix.


I would look at adding something like a zoom H1N to the mix for getting better audio when you can pull it out and its a small recorder that you can waterproof in a ziplock bag. They are under 100 bucks but well worth it.


A POV cam is not a bad place to start. You just need to start before going on a hunt so you get the hang of things.

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