Not familiar with Signpost


Not familiar with Signpost XLR adapter. Is it like Beachtek? XLR adapters come in 2 flavors: those with phantom power, and those without. Your mic requires power; can use phantom power, or internal battery, but you’ll get almost nothing without one or the other. If XLR adapter has 48v phantom power, turn it on, plug mic in; screw adapter into tripod mount under camera, plug in 1/8″ output from adapter into camera mic input, and you are good to go. If your adapter does not have phantom power, then either use a dynamic mic, or with the 8035, put a battery in and turn on the power (read the mic manual). Set your levels on the adapter and on the camera. Note: if the Signpost you have is simply a cable converting XLR to 1/8″ plug, turn the battery on at the mic and it should work. Or, get a dynamic mic and those should all work, butneither as good as an adapter than matches impedance, sets levels, etc.

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