>Not everyone needs HD.


>Not everyone needs HD.

Nobody needs any type of new technology…they just want it because it’s better than the crap from the past…

SD has it’s place….in the history books! It was a glorious run, but now it’s time to get over it and move on with life.

The sooner we can standardize HD and decrease the demand for SD, the better it will be for everyone….

Do it for the children. : )

>Also, HDV is a buggy codec. It’s way compressed.

So what, most people don’t use uncompressed formats anyway…h264 has some seriously highcompression, almost unbelivable, but it doesn’t matter, its stilllooks great andstill recommended for use in HD….now all apple has to do is fix that damn gama shift problem within quicktime and we shold be ok…(has it been fixed yet?)

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