Not everybody wants, needs


Not everybody wants, needs, can afford or drives a Porche or other high performance vehicle; Mercedes or Rolls or other highbrow vehicle. Even Hondas and Toyotas (well, with the exception of the recent negative stuff) get some respect. Sometimes “good enough” really is good enough.

As has been bandied about on this thread there is a rationale for everything from artiste to starving artist, Journeyman to apprentice and down and dirty to highly polished. It takes all of us doing all kinds of “grades” of production to make various “worlds” go round. I’ve worked with self-proclaimed artistic geniuses and self-proclaimed “perfectionists” who spend a LOT of time developing product of diminishing returns where I can perceive no REAL difference between day 6, hour 8 and day 12 at midnight, except for more takeout boxes and crushed cans of Red Bull or Bullet or dirty coffee cups.

Watched a recent video biography of Bruce Lee who was credited with saying, and I’m paraphrasing: you can spend so much time thinking about something that you never accomplish anything. I think the same can be said for taking “perfection” a state of mind and journey, not a reality or destination, to the Outer Limits.

Anything, any philosophy, any level of creativity or artistic capability is subjective to the extent that “whatever it takes” just might get the job done profitably and THAT is important to the independent video services provider, the WalMart approach project assembly line or the one-perfect-project-every-two-years artiste.

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