Not bad at all. Where was


Not bad at all. Where was most of that shot? Looked like Hanauma Bay. You definitely need to get a camera mounted on the board to take these to the next level. Also you could be a bit more consistent with that ‘Mondrian’ rectangular effect. You were using it to intro the surfers and then you started using it at random. Made it look like you were just doing it ’cause it looked cool’ not because it was a creative editing decision.

Also though the ‘miniaturized’ look was cool at the beginning when you got to the part driving down the road, again it looked like you just threw it in there just to look cool not because it was part of the story you were telling. BTW, what did you shoot this with? Did you do any post color-grading to get the look you got?

I concur that you need to keep shooting.

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