Not bad at all. I guess th


Not bad at all.

I guess the ‘photogs’ didn’t realize they were in a ‘video’…. You are only a true master of imagery until you can command both the ‘Still’ and ‘Moving’ sides….

I started out as a still weenie and 6 years later trained for video. I’ve shot still jobs and brought a video camera along and vice versa. I’ve also gone on jobs where I did both at the same time. Now with still video hybrids I switch back and forth in the same scene. For me, when I’m doing one I’m thinking how great it would look as the other.

As for dealing with ‘bad shooters’, you get those sometimes. However, I just say early on for them to shadow me so neither of us gets in each other’s shot. I initially worked in tandem with a still or video shooter depending on what I was assigned with and that’s how we operated. Rarely did either of us get into another’s shot. Main time you have to worry about that is when you’re covering an event and there are many other shooters. In those situations it’s like being a crab in a barrel because everybody’s looking out for themselves. I’ve had to throw some elbows a few times in those situations due to some seriously aggressive behavior.

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