Not all wedding video prod


Not all wedding video producers are “desperate wedding videographer(s)” as there are many who may be placed in a more tenable category than perennially acerbic zoobie tends to imply. I really do not understand zoobie’s tendency to almost always use negative-sounding responses in most post replies on the Videomaker forums.

Many in the video production field elect to focus entirely on offering editing services, making this their business model rather than opting for being all things (like me) and including shooting, editing and producing video. There are plenty of non-desperate professionals who prefer to shoot only, edit only, or even produce/package with quality graphic design and mass production capabilities in limited quantities more affordable and practical to independent video services providers opting for sub-contract arrangements.

It is a personal insult, as well as industry-wide insult, to lump people open to offering editing and other specific services into a “desperate wedding videographer” category when many have developed a solid business model that incorporates wedding and event video production alongside a valid duplication, editing or other side to their business.

While this does not address your desires and needs by specifically offering contacts with whom you can negotiate services, I felt a need to point out that desperation isn’t a significant factor in finding them. And, while I personally do not focus on Craig’s List or other similar forums for acquiring the business I pursue, I realize that in spite of the “desperation” factor many postings there and on the Knot and other places would tend to imply, not all are such.

Use some respect, zoobie, when referring to people in the video industry who maybe do not always climb to the heights to which you aspire, or belong in an elite category in which perhaps you have placed yourself in a moment of misguided narcissism.

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