Not a job for premier.  It’s


Not a job for premier.  It's a heavy duty rotoscoping job.  My tool of choice for roto is flame but you can do it in After Effects.

Rotoscoping is frame by frame painting or cloning like you do in Photoshop but on moving video.    If you have Photoshop extended, you can import the clip and do it there.  The devel is keeping your roto work aligned so that the replacement texture doesn't "boil" when played back.    I've done much harder shots than that.  Really, it looks pretty easy but you'll be making LOTS of moving masks. The fact that the pearls cover the scarf so much makes it much easier to paint one clean frame of scarf and track it back in.  I'd guess about 6-8 hours in Flame, longer in AE because of workflow.


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