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norrispictures Wrote:

P.s. The comment about not much video experience wasn’t directed to you, it was directed to the guy who started this thread.

Excuse me… As a matter of fact I have performed many (relative I guess) weddings by this point in time. I have done about 20 or so wedding since I began talking on these forums. While that is not a huge number I believe it to be pretty respectable for only a year in the biz.

My question is mostly because I respect the opinions of those on this forum so I figured it was safe to ask the question without being called names.

I like to see what others do or have done.

To charge less for a one camera shoot. That is not necessary. First I don’t think that 1-cam shoots look that good. Yes I have seen many samples from our local videographer and others around the country that I have swapped samples with. Yes it takes talent to put one together but it also takes alot more time than with a two or three camera shoot. Personally, from the consumer’s perspective I think they look very amature 90% of the time.

I decided to have a group of people ()many of them clients) view some of the different samples I have made and some I have received from other videographers. First I showed them a bunch of 1-cam shoots. Most of them thought they were very amature looking. Then I quoted prices (while keeping the company’s names annonymous out of professional curtisy).
Then I proceeded to show them the 2 and 3 cam shoots. Obviously they were much more wowed by those and 100% of them… that is every single person (20 poeple) said they would never pay for a videographer that offered a one camera shoot as his only option when they could have uncle Bod do it for free. And some of the 1-cams looked fairly decent but still, how much can really be done with one camera?

You made the comment that the musical summary will get the most play anyway.
Another thing that the group requested was that more videographer include a copy of the FULL wedding and then add a version set to music that summerizes the wedding in 3-5 minutes. On the questionaire I gave out, the most popular response was

"Because it’s always nice to watch the day on our aniversary but to show our friends the highlights, we show them the musial version."

I offer this as a standard item. It only takes me an hour or so to make the musical version so time is not an issue.

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