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The eggcrate is an interesting option. Concerning the size of the nano, the standard size demo’d in the DVD works just fine for me. Depending on the bulbs I use it puts out a substantial amount of light and is quite portable. Your space you described will be well served by 1 or 2 nanos depending on what bulbs you use. I paid less than $70 on my initial build of a nano (I did spend a little more as I tweaked the design.) You are not going to find a comparable and versatile softbox for that kind of money. If you aren’t confident in your manufacturing skills then you’ll be better off buying a light kit with a softbox(es) included.

Here’s an inexpensive ready built option:

You’ll be able to use vellum sheets as diffusion material. Vellum is tough (I use it over halogen bulbs and they have yet to scorch), you can get it in various colors and you can use it with your other lights.

Concerning the nano should you decide to build I didn’t run across any bulbs that stated they were ‘dimmable’. 3ways yes, but no dimmable. I used a straight on off switch similar to what you find on prebuilt light kits. That’s worked out quite well. If you are setting up a serious studio where clients will be coming on set you want your gear to look as pro as you can. Since you’re working out of your bedroom, use what will do a good job as inexpensively and safely as possible.

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