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Normally with still rigs I roll with 2 zooms (one wide, one telephoto) and if something specific is needed, I’ll include the rental/purchase of said item in the budget. With something like this, I don’t believe favors zooms so I’d use normal lenses ranging from 28mm to 105mm. This is a pretty good range that can be built up over time for ‘pay-as-you-go’ types. Remember, the ‘faster’ the lens (lowest f/stop) the more it’s going to cost. The catch is, the faster the lens the more shallow depth of field you can create and the lower the level of light you can work in. I mention this stuff for those who would be interested in using the Mk II in conjuction with the Redrock Micro kits. If you don’t plan on putting this thing on rails, then the 2 zooms mentioned earlier will cover the majority of what you shoot. I use them to shoot everything from portraits to aerials and have been well served.

Yes it does have HDMI out so potentially, you can do live capture. I haven’t heard of anyone doing it yet though. Here’s a link with specs and other reviews:

And, you’re welcome.

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