Norman, No ‘contradiction’



No ‘contradiction’ perceived. ‘Future proofing’ is hard to do, futile and expensive. Most of the folks that ask questions on these posts are newbies to intermediate types. Trying not to get caught between the manufacturer’s and their ‘predetermined’ format changes is hard enough for pro’s. I can tell you most of the people jumping on the 1080p train haven’t mastered 720p or 1080i yet! Your average bride looking for wedding video or client looking for training/event video don’t have the capacity to understand, can pay for or care about hi-res HD video. Not to mention unless you’re up to speed on Blu-ray authoring, can deliver a digital ‘print’ on harddrive for projection or upload properly compressed HD video to online servers you’re ‘spinnin’ your wheels.’ Now if you’re doing this for a living and have the client base you believe has or is making the transition to hi-res HD, then yeah run with it. Because, if you don’t you can shoot your stuff in hi-res but you’re going to have to down-res it to SD anyway. Also, storage and archiving of hi-res footage is a real issue. Storing on Blu-ray Disc and ‘client drives’ are the current options but for the person just getting started, those are expensive options outside of the ‘trust fund’ set. Case in point: You and I both did a collective ‘drool’ over HP’s Z800. But unless you have the resources on hand to support such a rig and the clientele to purchase such high-end output, it doesn’t make sense to get one.

So no, I didn’t perceive any contraditiction. Good advice/info comes from all angles. Speaking of which check the ‘build or not….’ thread for the answer I got about the Multi-bridge Pro.

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