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I don’t necessarily like Avid, Premeire or Vegas over the other. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. I have worked with Premeire and Avid for a long time and didn’t start working with Vegas until ’07. When the software giants listened to their marketing departments and decided to link up their software in a proprietary fashion, I had to readjust my work pipeline. I did my serious offline editing with Avid and my short-fuse projects that didn’t require a lot of finishing with Premeire. What attracted me to Vegas was my long association with ACID and Sound Forge. My company got an unexpected sponsorship from a large corporation and my avid setup was too outdated for what we were going to produce. Premeire at the time wasn’t up to the task either, so I took a chance and got Vegas 7. Since I had experience with the editing setup it was easy to get the primary editor on the project up to speed and it was fairly smooth for me to do the finishing edit. I didn’t run across the real-time rendering (lack of) bump until I was working on a big corporate project. Needless to say, despite upgrading to ver 8 I did not expect that so powerful an editing program didn’t have real-time rendering capability (heck of a time to find out 2 hours before a presentation to clients!) With Avid and Premeire’s older versions you could do a ‘direct burn’ to tape without having to render the whole timeline. Though at the time we had a fast machine it still took hours to render effects and transitions! That little tidbit almost cost us the gig.

Now, we are rolling with a combo of Adobe Production Suite CS3 and Vegas 8, ACID 7 and SF 9. Eventually, we’ll get Media Composer as well because we do a good deal of collaboration and bigger outfits use it or FCP. Premeire Pro is a much better program since 6.0 (the last ver we bought) and now it’s fully capable of doing finishing work since it is intergrated with AFX, Phoshop and Illst8r. Audio production wise Soundbooth can’t hold a candle for ACID and SF with the planets and the cosmos aligned, so we’re still deep with those. Vegas we use for our corporate stuff though you can do finishing work with it as well. However, Sony’s pipeline includes Boris products which despite my strong technical gene I never could figure out how to use any of it. Not to mention Adobe’s pipeline is still master of the universe for finishing.

I dig Vegas though. It’s an excellent program, low learning curve, got some powerful tools (though that new titler leaves much to be desired), has some intergration with Adobe products and combined with ACID and SF can stand in the same room with Avid, FCP and Pro-Tools and trade punches without the proprietary hardware to back it up. Oh and for a lot less money! It’s only real Achilles’ Heel is that %$#@^&*! lack of real-time rendering. WUWT?

Hope that answers your question.

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