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Don’t forget to factor in data corruption/failure rates. We recently had a client drive that had a file system corruption error. Fortunately, we were able to salvage the drive and suffered no loss or corruption of archived data (which would have been devastating!) It’s a rare occurance, but does happen. Luckily, we had complete tape backups of all footage on the drive. The value of having a tape backup is unless the footage got corrupted during the shoot or you try to play it back on a deck with dirty heads, it will last a very long time if properly stored.

Harddrives despite their greater storage capacity and ease of access are far more delicate in both their software and hardware makeups. Despite the best of care taken with that client drive all it took was one funky line of computer code during the accessing process and we nearly lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of footage and graphics. So despite having a harddrive storage redunancy I will bank on my $3 dollar tapes as an archival format for as long as possible. High-capacity solid-state drives may solve some of those issues, but the jury’s still out.

You’ll have to contact SD about why you aren’t getting their vlog notices.

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