Norman, I can understand w


Norman, I can understand what you are saying and the point you want to make but keep in mind that in the Old Testament the Israelites, charged by God, killed with abandonment and took no prisoners any idol-worshiping group they became aware of. In the New Testament Jesus was rightfully righteously indignant and drove the money changers from the temple. Do unto others, be cool to people, etc. is all fine and good as a way of life, concept and Christian pursuit of exemplary behaviour.

However! There are times when as the Philistines and money changers found out, that rights, priviledge and freedoms can be defended either way – from the viewfinder or through the lens.

Video producers have rights as well, and those rights are sometimes, if not often, restricted by people or entities in power, government agencies and people of differing opinion. There is, or can be, a happy medium, but success isn’t always enjoyed by the meek who shall inherit the earth. Sometimes you have to take the initiative, work under the radar or go around the mountain to accomplish your goals.

IMHO this can be accomplished without vagrant disregard of the rights of others, or violation thereof, or NOT being “cool” to people.

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