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nobody’s given a super direct answer here so…

imovie is similar in editing level to Micrsoft Movie Maker. In other words their both super simple, but also low in functionality for high-end users. If you’re only cutting together home movies then I-movie is better than its cousin (MMM).

Final cut express is the equivalent cousin to Avid Express or Premier Elements. (That evalution just caused several people to protest dramatically, but hey… It’s true). Avid Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Premier Pro are all at about the same level. There are several more video editing programs available for the PC in comparison to the Mac, so you’ll have a wider price list to work with (Pinnacle, Adobe, Avid, etc..).

If you’re already running a Mac for your wife’s Photoshop7 but she’s needing storage space you may want to consider buying her and external 300g usb hard drive, formatting the Mac specifically for her, and then focusing on your needs/wants as a video editor.

People who frequent these forums know that I advocate PCs pretty heavily. I do this because of their comparitive price and easy upgradability, as well as for the wider variety of software available to the Windows platforms. If you do some comparison shopping online you’ll find that you can buy a PC with all you favorite options in it for less than half the cost of a Mac with those same options. People on here state things like “macs are more stable”, that’s not really true. I use both Platforms one at work (mac) and one at home (PC). Both platforms have their ups and downs, dependent on use. I work in design and the Mac has only become the standard platform for graphic applictions for the simplifying of porting to clients, etc… However the Adobe products are now the standard graphic and video applications and they run (except PPro) on both platforms exceedingly well.

However, if you’re just a casual user, who thinks that the company-provided options are fabulous, and you only want a computer that can run your wife’s program and let you edit some home vids once in a while, since you’re not home very often anyways, then go ahead and pick a mac, ’cause they’re simple and easy to learn on and only have one mouse button.

My mouse has 6 buttons, and I like it that way… πŸ˜‰

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