Nobody that looks at Earls


Nobody that looks at Earls or Grinners or even my own High quality work is gonna buy this over a proper Wedding package… unless of course they can’t afford it…. and if they can’t afford it, they are either gonna wind up helping next years competitor to take a chunk of my business or they’re likely to get burned and wind with pictures/video they could’ve shot themselves or worse, no pictures/video… and out $500.00.

I’m supplying the equipment. I’m supplying some how-to advice. And a body to set things up and take things down, and supervise the equipment to make sure it’s used properly. I’m making life a little harder for these other guys in the process. It is a small market here, with a lot of bottom feeder popping up over the last few years. Who in turn are probably the result of the economy tanking and people feeling pressured to save money, especially when they are setting off on a new life and future. Also the influx of cheap powerful cameras and computers.

Adapt or die.

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