Nobody should work for fre

AvatarGrinner Hester

Nobody should work for free unless they are passionate about the charity. That said, we’ve all done gigs for no currency…. in trade for the other benefits involved, be in contacts, reel fodder, or that client’s name on our resume. That’s all you have to weigh… can you afford the time invested knowing it’ll pay no bills that month and how many bills with that pay down the road.

Free is subjective sometimes too. Even spec gigs will cover expenses sometimes and owning your own gear, of course you have xpenses even if you don’t whoop up a b udget for a shoot. Meaning, you can always counter with, I don’t mind doing a spec gig for you t his time as way of introducing myself, how about a check for 500 to cover my costs then we’ll negotiate pricing on the next one? As you know that paints you in a corner because they’ll ALWAYS expect the same time next time but in their mind you are doing it for nada and possinly in yours you squeezed at least a half day’s pay out of it.

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