Nobody is in business to l


Nobody is in business to lose money, that includes the warranty. Over the past 23 years in this business I have purchased about $300,000 in equipment, but only three items had extended warranties. I gauge the decision by how much the item will be used and under what conditions. If you are buying a camera that will get constant use under risky conditions, get the warranty. On gear that stays in the edit bay, a new piece of gear gets turned on, power cycled several times the first day, and then I let it run all day for a week. This is called “burn in”. If it lasts a week of these tests, it will last 10 years or more. Any moving part will wear out, espesially DVD drives/burners. Normal wear and tear ussually isn’t coverded unless you can wear it out in the first 90 days. If other people will be using the equipment, consider a warranty.

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How to buy a camera — 2021

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