“No we are not comparing t


“No we are not comparing two different price ranges.Adobe Premeire Elements ranges from $80-$100. Final Cut Express is same price range as is Sony Vegas’s consumer software. And I believe that Pinnacle Plus is in the same range although the others are far more advanced”.

Hmmmmm, we are getting our wires crossed????. Sony Vegas Pro 8 and Adobe Premier Pro and Final cut Pro are NOT, well at least in Australia, $80-100 programs. For the want of a better phrase, the element versions are. However most of you are telling us the professional version names. Have a closer read and you’ll see what i mean. That aside, I thank you for your input and remarks

Now it looks like I have had my head in the sand. I always thought that the “light” version of the “Pro” programs were more expensive ($200-300) than what you have listed here. I have had great success with Studio 9 and didn’t have the need to search for something else, so I just naturally went with Studio 11. If these other progams are more advanced and around the same $ as Studio, then I think it might be time for this little black duck to try another program, even if it is for curiosity sake.

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