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No way you can do a good job without a second camera operator. That wide shot of the camera at the back would be boring. Here’s how I shoot weddings.

That camera at the back on the balcony (with an operator) would be on a fairly tight shot ofthe priestwho is performing the ceremony.The operator can vary his shot, sometimes including the couple.The wireless lavalier would be on the priest, who after all, does the most talking. The priest’s lavalier should pick up the couple’s audio fairly OK. The second camera, positioned behind the priest shoots the couple most of the time. It can also takes shots of the guests from that same position. If you only have one mic you can use the on board mic on this second camera to pick up audio from the loudspeakers just as a guide track. If this audio is good you can even use it. This camera can even shoot the choir.

If you have a plug-in transmitter you can plug this into the church’s PA and your camera on the balcony can also shoot the persons who are doing the first and second readings.

Think of what equipment you haveat your disposal and how best to use what you have to cover everything. Keep both cameras running continously and use still photographer’s flashesfor achieving sync.

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