No – that’s not what is on


No – that’s not what is on offer – They want any media, 10 years lifespan worldwide – which to be honest is quite normal – so you are giving the rights to them for this period. So what you ask must be worth the fact that you will not be able to use it yourself for this period. I’d simply suggest you ask them to make an offer based on their normal media contract, and whatever they offer, if you feel it’s desultory, just tell them you’d be prepared to grant their exlusive use for x above the offer. The current ITV permissions form for performers states, in perpetuity – as in for ever! A professional artiste, who goes onto something like Good Morning, on mainstream ITV may get a performance fee of around 500, while another will do it for free if they’re flogging a book or show. For your clip, I’d be surprised if they want to pay more than 100-250, with a credit. Discovery might not even want to pay that much – so if they offer 50 – it’s up to you to negotiate it up, but whatever happens, they want unrestricted ownership because of their long lifespan of a product. Don’t give it for free. A colleague of mine gave one of our edited sections – 20 mins in length to a religious organisation he supports, but didn’t get the contract signed because he didn’t want to offend them. They sold it to a satellite broadcaster, who used the content after stripping out our end credits and ident – and there wasn’t a thing we could do.

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