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No problem! It’s easy to tell when someone has a natural eye for this sort of thing and you definitely do! BTW sort of a side note, I have noticed that the higher end clients will pay more attention to your talent and the quality of your work rather than the number of years experience you have. The lower end of the market knows they can’t get the best quality so the best they can do is “How long have you been in the business”. There are alot of older more “experienced” videographers who have scores of jobs under their belt but every one of them lacks the professional talented aspect. But we both know that experience has less to do with the quality of the video than your natural talent. Also, when you get established, make sure you don’t charge less than you’re worth just because of lack of experience. I started out at the low end of the market and discovered that people were passing me up because they thought “cheap = crap”. Once I raised my prices to match the high end clients, they associated the price with quality and started calling! (That doesn’t mean charge more than your product demands. Look at the competition in your area and rate your quality against your competitors. Then price accordingly). Actually, I think I still may be priced low. I have competitors who charge more than me that couldn’t hold a footcandle to what I can do but at least I am in the high end bracket.

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