No problem. Here’s a good


No problem. Here’s a good thread about the halogen lights:

The pictures won’t load unless you’re a member, so here they are:


I got the idea from a post I saw somewhere else, but it’s basically an aluminum "turkey plate" or whatever they’re called, with wax paper taped on it.

It’s not perfect, but it helps diffuse the light a little. Even though it doesn’t appear so, the light shines straight through more or less.

Another cheap source of diffused light are china balls. You can pick up the lamp part from walmart for about 6 bucks for 200 watts. It looks like this:


And then a china ball for $6 at Ikea.

For me, it makes a better soft light than the wax-paper set up, but it isn’t as bright.

*Oh yeah, ND filters, or Neutral Density filters, only cut down light (make the image darker). I mentioned these because when you open up the aperture, the image becomes brighter. To compensate, you can use the ND filter OR shorten the shutter speed. You won’t need these if you shorten the shutter speed.

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