No not really with Studio


No not really with Studio 8. Studio 8 is aimed at the consumer level. What you want to do requires something up the scale. Now I’m sure EXACTLY what you want to do with your video, but if you want to have more than one video playing over the other, you need a NLE that supports more than one video track/layer. I don’t believe Studio 8 does. Others up the scale (i.e. Vegas, Avid Xpress Pro/DV, Adobe Premiere, After Effects) will allow you to do this. If you aren’t very familiar with these programs (and want to use Studio), I’d recommend (as a start) that you use one of these programs to compose the effect you want, export to a DV file, and then bring it into yout Studio timeline. I’ve been editing for about 6 years now and I still have yet to find ONE nle that will do everything I want, the way I want it to do it. There’s hardly a project I do where I don’t use at least two different NLEs/effects programs.

Hope this helps. Email me if you have more questions


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