No, not necessary. I pad m


No, not necessary. I pad mine with soft cotton material (lint free) and just be careful with them. Definite change using gloves (I use cotton work ones) but I don’t really see the point in taking them out and putting them back in for the next gig. They are, when handled properly and allowed to cool before moving, as has been said, are not all THAT fragile.

I’ve had a three-light NRG stage lighting system for more than 10 years, using this on average of once a month, and have only just recently replaced the first burned-out, not broken or damaged, lamp. Of course this sytem does come with a nice foam-padded case for everything. I did upgrade the lamps somewhile back, but still, great working system – and hardy. A total of 1,800 watts of light at my disposal, often calling for soft-spun or some kind of diffusion for a pleasant light environment.

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