No need for contracts, at

AvatarGrinner Hester

No need for contracts, at least not at this point. Just do the videos as one offs, getting half down and half when done each time. As for the show concept, It’s very hard to sell an idea today. Because production is so cheap now, you’ll need to go to pitch fests with a sizzle reel in hand. If you’ve not pitched a show before, I siggest the LATV Festival as a boot camp. They’ll educate you in everything involved in a pitch from your sizzle reel to the one sheet to the bible that will be requested if those two are liked. If pitching without representation, you’ll want to hit all the NATPE type events that you can. Know that until you have some shows under your belt, not offering the security of a sound production company is your biggest handicap… so those may be the places you want to pitch to… to let them pitch for you. Some see that as handing away half the pie. Look at is as a way to get half a pie instead of nothing.

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