no ive actually been to gu


no ive actually been to guitar center since and spoke with some people who do it. they said because the band wants to have the actual live sound i should connect all the mics to a physical audio mixer or an external sound card with an audio mixer program for the computer. shoot the video with two cameras them edit it and sync the mouth movements from the two cameras. that would be the cheapest longest way to go being that im low on cash. the easiest fastest most expensive way would be buy a video switcher which everything hooks up to and you can just fade from camera to camera so you dont have to do much editing to the video when its finished. ive decided to buy the external sound card with the audio mixer software and use my computer as my mixer for the audio and im going to try my best to sync the mouth movements lol but it will sound live. after a couple jobs i plan on getting a video mixer. thanks for everyones help! even all the people who wrote me on windows live, myspace, and emailed me

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