NO!! It is not recommended


NO!! It is not recommended by manufacturers of either LCD’s or optics. Lens cleaning fluids are designed with solvents to lift grease & dirt safely from the multi-coating that not only protects the lens, but also factors into the optical design by changing the refraction of the glass.

While LCD’s are a sort of flexible plastic surface instead of multicoatings evaporated onto the surface. The danger is that what is a solvent for one can be a cleaner for the other. And vise versa. So while it may be possible to get away with using a non-recommended cleaner, it is also possible that you can damage the surface you’re cleaning. And the greatest danger is in stripping off a protective coating you can’t see and making your screen (or lens) susceptible to damage from ordinary operations.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to clean a surface without access to an approved cleaning solvent, first clean away dust & grit with a camel hair brush (so you don’t scratch the surface.) Then use a few drops of (distilled) water on a lens tissue, not a facial tissue of a paper towel. Ideally you’ll have the brush & the lens paper in your camera case at all times.

Hope that helps.

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