No – I can’t remember the


No – I can’t remember the last time I stabilised anything I shoot? It’s to do with field of view. If you go extreme – like the stuff you see shot on GoPro HD – the camera was on skis, board, planes, bikes and looks pretty stable – at the other end you have people who work at the long end of the lens quite a lot and need big heavy cameras supports. With a lens on full zoom, then 1mm on the pan handle downwards could shift the picture maybe half of the screen height. Just touching the pan bar produces a jump. On wide angle – as in wide angle of a normal zoom, that 1mm would be hardly noticeable. On a wide-angle zoom such as the types used in the video clip, you can get stable shots quite easily. Also remember that the inertia of a big camera also helps smooth out movement. Doing the same with a hand sized palmcorder would produce more wobble because it’s so light. Watch the news footage of the celebs coming out of an event where there’s a camera scrummage – sure they can wobble, but in the heat of the moment that can actually look exciting!

Image stabilisers are the video version of the audio man’s auto tune. Some people leave them on all the time and pitch correct as a matter of course. It’s much better to get a decent singer than have to faff around correcting everything. Same with video – shoot properly and then there’s no need to stabilise.

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