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Sorry bubba your music teacher’s got a point. If you were giving away copies of the play on DVD for free then it wouldn’t be much of an issue. The minute the stuff goes on sale, you have a problem. Now, one way you may get around it is to only use songs in the public domain. However, that will take some research and you’ll want to have hard documentation to prove it. It may not be worth the effort. Now on the one hand, you might be able to sell your DVD’s and be under the radar for a bit. But, I guarantee you some proud yahoo parent will post their ‘little bundle of joy’s’ performance on YouTube and it will be just a matter of time before some corporate lawyer’s knocking at the door.

The only two ‘workarounds’ as you call them are 1) Use traditional songs (the older the better) that are in the public domain and perform them locally (do not use prerecorded music as that performance will certainly be copyrighted!) Or, 2) Locally produce original music for your play.

The Fair Use Law is getting fuzzy with all the cases being brought against YouTube and other video posting sites. Better to be safe than sorry.

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