Nice to look through and see


Nice to look through and see some of your decision making process Bob. We have (2) XHA1s HDV cams, currently use only for weddings and performances. I use a 6D, and now a 7D2 for all of my promo work, and also shoot all the wedding content outside the ceremony.

We (my wife and partner) tried a XA25 this past weekend via CPS loan, and my wife loved it. Much lighter than the XHA1s and amazingly zippy AF.

It’s a shame that the XHA1s models are fetching well under $1k now via eBay. The XA25, or really the XA20 would work for us; could be purchased for roughly $1500; and then we jump to $3500 for the XF200. The thing that looked the most interesting were the 3 separate rings like our XHA1s cams have, which is much better for manual shooting at performances, and that swivel handle looks great for getting different angles at weddings, particular receptions.

Again, it was great looking back over this thread.

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